1. please tell me how how this was a result to wrexham you shitty welsh scruffs? everton on there day would have it with the biggest mob in england (united) so 20 sheepshaggers picking on 2 or 3 everton lads is not a result come to goodison park and we will show who is boss, big day out for you lot you can even bring your stick of rock and stuck in the 70s burberry caps.welsh tramps, forever in englands shadow.

  2. everton fans are special fighters,
    they donr give a fuck for anyone not man utd or chelsea bur do give respect to millwall. because they are in my view the scouse cockneys…

  3. You absolute bunch of amatuer Mickey Mouse wannebes, missed the boat by about a decade Your an embarrassment to Wexhim and Wales.. And your clobber is proper dobbin gear too. Get a grip, get a firm…and bring it to COVENTRY. England's finest. C.C.F.C LEGION

  4. I went to goodison back in 2001 and was quite surprised how good evertons firm were .trouble before the game and after walking across stanley park to lime street they were picking off our lads ..but the only thing I'll say bad about them is they use stanley knives.. it should be fist on fist …

  5. Wrexham are good by all accounts… at their level.

    I’m a Rangers lad but clued up enough to know Everton are defo top 10, maybe top 5 in England.

    If Everton could be arsed Wrexham aren’t in their league

  6. What the everton lads should have done is give them a few bags of spice. Wrexham is basicaly spice city nowadays, bus station is like walking dead evey day. Recently had the pleasure of visiting on business, can't hide being a scouser, only 3 of us, not a word said, it was profitable trip too. Horrible place and people though

  7. Everton landed early hence frontline trying to get them out of the pub.big things were supposed to happen as ex everton top boy was touting up that way and got a slap himself


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