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  1. It was nice how they had a breather to allow some unconscious bloke to be dragged clear, then resumed once he had been. Most of em are just standing around watching. Not much of a fight?!

  2. Aca te dejan que te pongas la zapatillas, que le des explicaciones de porque le vas apegar (? Dejense de joder , si era en argentina ya habria 10 muertos, 14 heridos, 20 robados  jaja esto es un jueguito alado de las hinchadas argentinas! 

  3. Was this organized? It seems its not just a fight thaty came up from nowhere. I think there is the same amount of guys on each team, and no one is carrying any kind of weapon.

  4. Aqui las bandas de mexico les partimos la madre en corto alos hooligans nos la pelan pinches peleas de escuela aqui pura pelea callejera los desmadramos jejejeje

  5. Watched this a few years back makes me hate being 48…😁
    Excellent lads getting dropped picked up carried out and back in you go…
    This is how it was and how it should be,fists feet and heads…
    Fucking brilliant and everyone game as fuck
    love it


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