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  1. me admira a lealdade dos caras.. aqui no brasil em um tipo de briga dessas se um cara cai no chao apanha ateh a morte
    nessa briga aih os caras soh batiam enqto o cara tava de peh
    outra coisa, soh brigam na mao, nao teve nenhum covarde pra pegar um pedaço de pau, faca ou arma de fogo

  2. In a night just like that, dark and rainy, i lost my friend Jah, shot in the back in a gang fight. Fortunately, after that, i quit gangbanging and became a soldier of Christ.

    I want to advise you kids to never mess with gangs or drugs or violence, it always end bad. I lost friends like Kid Yayo, Quincy, Fabian Loco and Osmar, people i grew up with and had a whole future ahead… PEACE FOR EVERYBODY

  3. well i have to agree that when a man was laying in the ground, beaten off, they showed respect and let him get up and go back with his group. In my country that kind of respect does not exist unfortunately.


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