Strona Facebook „Chuligan TV“ Zenit vs. Spartak 2014 (HD) Zenit (Music Hall) wygrywa.



  1. I'm againts this. This is the "Fight Club" not ultras/hooligans/tifos way of life. The real excitement is when you came in enemy city, you make the big uncertain trip, you adapt, you making the plans right there like in army who make action, you sing you looking for the enemy, you don't know what will happend, you not need the big muscles just balls and hearth, all that without guns and knives, you make shit on the stadium, terraint and stuff, make coreography, burning flares, you make the trap and kinder-surprise for the enemy you taking the flag of enemy, you beat them, you demonstrate your organization and power, that is the right way of the supporters. Fight Club are the steroids, kickboxing, gym, "big bull" guys in the first rows who run like warriors in middle age battles, you just make the fight on isolated place and thats it? feck no if u asking me… delije sever.


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