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  1. I'm Brazilian and I'll try to explain what happened, with my bad english! 😉 '

    It was a report made just hours before the opening of the 2014 World Cup, with the game Brazil vs Croatia.

    Presenter César Tralli was explaining to viewers that the opening of the World Cup stadium, Arena Corinthians was receiving fans from all over the world, everything was organized and all fans were respecting themselves, etc. To "prove that he was telling the truth," he asked reporter Sabina Simonato, if what he said was true: "Is not it, Sabina Simonato? Good afternoon!"

    And she agreed with him, saying: "Yes, that's right, César Tralli! Good afternoon to you and everyone! The World Cup is catching everyone's attention, everyone just talks about it and … (At this point the Croatian supporter kisses her on the cheek) …" Hello! Croatian tourists! How are you? Everyone very friendly! Everyone is brother here! Tralli, I was taken by surprise! Look at the weather (weather is a Brazilian slang for good moment, with good vibes) that we find on Avenida Paulista: a lot of people in green and yellow shirt! Even the gringos wearing yellow jersey from Brazil! ("gringo" is a term considered affectionate among Brazilians). The dog is in the weather of the Cup, dressed beautifully … (she spoke in a cute tone about the dog's clothing).


  2. Why people saying she liked it? I thought she didn't.
    She was all cool with the hand over shoulder and stuff, but when he kissed her, you can see she quickly moves her face away from him :/

  3. Tá vendo? Um beijinho no rosto com respeito, qual que é o problema?
    Gostei da reação dela. Valeu garota!!! É assim que uma mulher forte se comporta com um carinho de um homen!!!
    Desde que a respeito, não tem porque se comportar como se tivesse sido violada!!!


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