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  1. Respect to mexico from a USA marine they where only 4 of them vs 10 croatian n still hold it down , n of course security help them why where you jumping cowards expecting ? Bunch pussy croatians if you ask me

  2. LOL… 6-7 Croatians beats a Mexicans on the tribune where was standing 70% Mexicans. After that, Mexicans looks steady while Croats beats the securityes. WHITE EUROPE POWER!

  3. Soy Hondureños y a pesar de que hay un resentimiento entre mexicanos y Hondureño en YouTube pero Los apoyo mexicanos! Esta bueno que les hayan dado en la Madre a estos croatas basukas

  4. Those Midgets got what they wanted, same as Turks and other Middle Eastern, even Spaniards, MANY of them, mostly midgets, big groups, etc. thinking that Croats/Serbs/Bosnians are like Norwegians o whatever. Boys, we are like you, just 3x massive in weight and height. OFICIALLY, people from Western Balkans are tallest on earth.


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