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  1. what is it with all these backward countries calling this football hooliganism,its a bunch of ufc wannabies in a field playing wwe wrestling.Not a sight of any blood,all the rooks ive been involved in their was claret allover the place,and if someone is on the floor and you go to kick them kick them like your taking a fucking free kick,all bollocks put on for the camera.Try bumping into 50 Leeds lads when theres 20 of you then you know what a off is about.

  2. bra box, rätt in, det bara blixtrade i skallen sen låg man, står upp igen efter 5 sec och ser hela GY bli bortjagade i ren besvikelse tar jag en KGB valp o kastar ner, sen blir man strypt av 1 något äldre KGB och slagen i magen av valpjäveln jag nyss hade lagt ned… snacka om att jävlas haha


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