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  1. Ez az igazi magyar virtus, szép volt srácok. Kisebb csoport rajtaütésszerűen szúrt bele a román hordába, még mielőtt észbe kaptak volna, és összeverődnek, már a saját szektorukba voltak. Akár 1000 éve a lovasíjászaink. 🙂

  2. Magyar menekült a rómaiak, akik a dobogón egy. Magyarok nem szembesülnek a rómaiak a dobogón egy. az ugrást történt volna, ha a rómaiak a galériában.
    Hungarians fled the Romans who were the rostrum one. Hungarians do not face the Romans from the rostrum one. that leap have happened if the Romans were in the gallery.
    Ungurii au fugit de romanii care se aflau la tribuna 1 . nu fac fata romanilor de la tribuna 1 . ce sar fi intamplat daca erau romanii din galerie

  3. This hate between Romanians and Hungarians is just sick. It is NOT normal. AND YOU MUST STOP IT NOW. Because we are people. Jesus taught us to love and respect each other. And here is football, not a place for hate. Fair play and respect. And this comments in this video are sick too. Well, I love both Romania and Hungary and it is shame to destroy and hate this countries without a reason. Good and bad people are in every country. We love good people, we don't love bad people. It is so simple. Don't hate each other. Make love and peace. Fuck this hate and wars. Love both from Greece.

    Even if I were a Romanian, I would love Hungary!

    Even if I were a Hungarian, I would love Romania!

    It is SO simple!





    ALL countries=❤

    Good people from ALL countries=❤







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