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  1. Make me laugh some of these comments, they say city never turn up at Trafford?, excuse me we always turn up , just cause we don't go on camera outside the ground dosent mean we're not on the area, we took it to u in the fa cup 4-2 and u didn't know what hit u outside the Trafford but not worth the cameras

  2. United get all the credit here, small group have a go totally outnumbered leave one bluenose liar on the deck and get out of there before the Cheshire boys can do anything about it. RESULT!!!!

  3. Ive been up with Chelsea to both Citeh and the Rags and had a good crack at both places.The way I see it up there is MOST Citeh fans are Mancs and a large portion of rags travel to the club. Now whether thats cause theyve a bigger fan base and its always been the same since the early 70s I dunno but Ive had more scraps with the Cockney reds than I have in Manchester. And the only real scrap Ive had at Citeh was in the ground at the end of 2001 when we beat them to send them down again. Was a good day out. dont manage to get many days like that anymore. who knows. maybe with safe seating it might happen.

  4. The comments on here fucking stupid. You're all fucking stupid brainless inbred cunts fighting over a game of football. Shame theres not enough lunatic asylums to lock you all in.

  5. I never understood why fans have to fight over a game of football. Win or lose, it's a game FFS! Passion is one thing but hooliganism is another. There is no place for violence in any game. It's not part of the game. Never has been! This video just shows the cowardice of a hooligan screaming behind a gate. You're all fuckin maggots!

  6. Shitty have never had real bottle come and do the same to us no fuckin cowards it's all Munich behind a fence or the police come on cowards let's have it wankers

  7. City don’t have any lads in Manchester , only Oldham bury and Stockport
    Near their own ground is not a good place for city when all their fans have gone back to their home towns


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