Tensions erupted between mourners and right-wing protesters during a crowded rally at Brussels‘ Place de la Bourse, Sunday, as thousands gathered to pay …



  1. Dear Belgians, could You please shut Guy Verhofstadts mouth ?  We will be very grateful, this lefty is still concerned about polish democracy, it would be much better for You and him to transfer his anxieties to his home country.

  2. jewish bitch trolls are using this for their Agenda , the Hate is against jewish bastards but they still try to manipulate People with a "muslim" danger , So where on this vid is something about Islam ? No Where , jews shit in their pants . BRAVO BLA BLA BLA JUST DO IT THEY TELL EVERYONE BUT THEY SHIT IN THEIR PANTS IF THEY SAW THAT PEOPLE GO ON THE STREETS AGAINST JEWISH MIGRANTS WHO FUCKED EUROPE .

  3. The real enemy isn't the minority or refugee victims, it's the people manipulating the situations that create the need for refugees. Would you beat a fellow human for being hungry, if he was starved? Maybe a shitty person, but decent civilized people wouldn't. Refugees are humans seeking protection from shitty people. If the whole world is nothing but shitty people, how long till you're victims? Where will you go? Eventually Israel will do the same to you. Who will protect you?

  4. I'm sure that this is exactly what the "leaders" wants: they want to turn attention away from them by dividing people to weaken them and continue to rule.
    What should be done instead is to change the actions order to be done:
    First turn crowd anger to them, the leaders that are responsible for all that chaos, and treat them well . . .
    Then turn crowd anger against those that needs to go back home, and treat them well too.
    But it is known that crowd is stupid, right?
    Except if they have the right leader(s) to give the right directions to follow . . .
    But will this ever happens . . .

  5. This is what happens when your government betrays it's indigenous people. Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK! It's a recipe for disaster. END OF. Our lord Jesus Christ come save us all now please.


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