Первый фильм об околофутболе снятый футбольными хулиганами!



  1. Millwall on tour around the world since 1988. Killie on tour-Millwall on tour. Skins-Casual-father-Grandfather. Its in the blood. MFC the last bastion of terraces in a FA nonce ran game that greedy are ruining. Wall went both this season Villa and Blues. TBH as my son said who hadnt been before. "was fuck all Dad".

  2. Okay Mr Rusky, 3 points to make here…

    1. We have about 1650 football hooligans (these are the ones that aren't in prison), that are banned from traveling abroad to any away match, In Marseilles, you were fighting non-combatants. You're country doesn't seem to work under the same restrictions and have elected members of parliament that support hooligan behaviour.

    2. There are three rules of engagement for football hooliganism: First – You only fight the people up for a fight. Anyone can mash a passer-by that's not up or it. Second – when a man's down, he's out of it, you don't kick/stamp/smash a chair over his head when he's down. Third – no weapons, if you're so tough, why the Koshs and knuckle-dusters?

    3. Your clubs would never dare bring a firm to our island to cause trouble. You name some clubs in the video, but firms at clubs like Stoke, Celtic, Everton, Swansea, Rangers, Sheff U, Wolves, Spurs, Sunderland…etc… would have someone like Zenit St Petersburg for breakfast if they did.

    Don't think England will show for the World Cup, but who knows..? Historically we're not a country that loses conflicts, so you'll get a payback at some stage. Your behaviour inside the stadium in Marseille was unforgiveable, and every proper football hooligan in Britain watched it.


    (As they'll say in Burnley or Middlesbrough – if ever you go there.)

  3. Most english clubs hating on the zulus cause they never back down from any firm, hating on our accent, the realist people are from birmingham, ZULUS GONNA GET YA!

  4. Russia, they're composed of two-Irish and Jamaican decent. They're not England. You know that? Remember Tyson Fury and Joshua. That's Irish and Jamaican decent.

  5. I have a lot of respect for the Zulo's ( despite our past differences ) They stood together White Fans and Black Fans. In the 70s and 80s My West Indian Friend had a lot of Racist shirt thrown at him but he stuck with us and thankfullyit's different at Leeds now. Thanks to BCFC for taking a stance on this hatred.

  6. Shut up you silly cunt I’m millwall and can tell you now anyone who doubts Cardiff city as a firm have no idea what they are talking about!!! They have numbers that nobody can match and are extremely violent.
    Cardiff back in the 90s early 2000 were by far the top mob fact

  7. Russia is fair and can differentiate good from bad but it takes it out from it its good because you can have fights without catching ppl within it but its too far fetched from from the football


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