Euro 2016 GoPRO Russian top lads fight england hooligan at marseille.



  1. Bottling people from behind – kicking and stamping on people on the ground – SCUMBAGS!

    How can FIFA keep the World Cup 2018 in Russia after this?

  2. probably cia agents provoking and setting the mood for it to blow up, they wear shorts like that no dress code and the way he running round.. this mans identity should be known by now and posted for the world to see.. even the french and cops had a piece.. all this to pass some more laws and control ova us

  3. running in then out again is no fight you haven't got the bottle to stand in one place and fight pussey bring on 2018 we are going to wreck Russia

  4. Long live Russia!!! Long live Putin!!!! The English stepped on a Russian flag so they deserve to be beaten up!!!!

  5. Whenever I need cheering up I watch this ..nothing like seeing a bunch of bullies meeting their match !
    Slava Rossiya


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