Euro 2016 violent hooligan fight Russian top lads vs drunken english at marseille.



  1. They are 30 years too late. No-one is interested anymore. 5 year ban now for looking at another fan in the wrong way. All the older guys are in our 50s and even 60s. The English have been there, done it, taken it to everyone with nothing left to prove. All these guys now a days just go for a drink, tell tails about the old days and to watch the game.
    The Easten European countries are top dogs now, they all copy the old English firms. Not taking anything's away from Russia but for the record my money is on Poland, it was always dangerous going there even in the 80s &90s, if it wasn't for the fact that they wanted to fight between themselves it would have been horrendous. However as I say, they are all 30 years too late.

  2. English fans didn't start any of this. It doesn't make someone a pussy if they're not a fighter and they decide to have some drinks and then some semi-pro fighters attack you whilst you're having said drinks. Tyson Fury would fuck me up and likely kill me in a fight. It doesn't make me a pussy or a bitch.

  3. As much as I enjoyed seeing the English beaten I feel sorry for the fat guy. He was there fighting without any fear and his mates abandoned him . Despite being fat he didn't mind fighting younger lads trained in MMA . Respect . And also look the Russians , they are not drunken fools , they are organized . Look how they protect their face while being thrown bottles at. I can feel they are used to fight with tactics


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