Euro 2016 Lille Police charge england and wales fans after attack of russians hooligan.



  1. The way the Russians attacked everyone why wait for it to happen again!! Best form of defence is attack sometimes !!!

  2. typical western russophobic propaganda: english are described as fans and russians as hooligan…dont forget that hooligan comes from english vocabulary not from russian..its not a coincidence

  3. England could have fought the cops the riot square the hooligans and an frog willing to get beat by English fans it's England and Wales we're never losing to the pigs the pigs never had the upper hand I mean England and Wales if they can still walk they're still going to fight

  4. the only cops managing to do anything is the English cops that arrived to help France authorities we absolutely useless

  5. The Russians had a result in Marseille when the English turned their backs. Answer me this: If Crystal Palace beat Real Madrid in a one off game does that make Palace the greatest side ever????


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