Euro 2016 Albanian hooligan vs french fans in Fan zone of Lyon,



  1. Albanians are example of tolerance and respect for serbs who made this fake videoThis is just a ugly propaganda as they always have did.All euro2016 viewers have seen civilization of albanians So slavic people leave the pathological hate away and leave your lifes without hateIf it's possible…..

  2. WTF Albanian was in marseille not in lyon…see you tomorrow,hope frech ultras will come play with us et non with normal people.

  3. First of all Albanians was in Marseille not in Lyon and second we have respect to french people. This is just a sad effort by serbs to ruin our image. Peace and don't listen to serbs and russians.

  4. This cannot be true because we albanians doesn't have bad raports with french people
    ok we lose the game but we lose it because we didnt have lucky and that's all
    i Am albanian and i could't verify that in this video that people was albanians….

  5. This video is mistake! Albanian fans was in Marsile not in Lyon! I Albanians and France celebrated together you can find a lot video about it!
    Sorry Serbian propaganda! your propaganda is not working anymore!

  6. THIS IS NOT A VIDEO A ALBANIAN FANS. Please all the serbian people,stop this disgusting propaganda.. even if an incident happens with the albanian fans it is normal, since it is happening with all the other countries, like england, france, russia, germany, Ukraine, etc.
    Till now Albanian fans have been a magnificent example of how football fans should behave themselves and this is noticed by all the European press. So delete this fake videos, even though this video doesn't show nothing. and for you people that just comment bullshit for no reason STOP HATING.

  7. Servs are bored at home, making such videos. Shame, our fans were not in Lyon. Failed propaganda, slav(e)s.

  8. Only Turks, Albanians and similar tribes cary knifes. Because they are all 1,65m maximum tall, small and weak, especially Turks, they are ridiciosly small people i was shocked, and again want to be hooligans.

    Russian are also not tall and big as Serbs, but they are trained.

  9. fuck russia
    fuck greece
    fuck serbia
    fuck fyrom ( fake macedonia )

  10. Cette vidéo est pas vrai
    les Albanais ne sont pas confrontés aux fans Français,
    au contraire, ils ont fait la fête ensemble et ont dance
    et à chanter à Marseille
    cliquez pour voir

  11. I'm not even albanian but I can say that albanian people don't do shit like this .. Maybe russia or england but never Albania .

  12. france is not good in football they dont deserve to go to next groupe.hope they loose and get what they deserve.


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