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  1. And then the russians came and harassed the poor english boys and women and kids and old people and disabled persons and their dogs and cats which only peacefully sit in a restaurant to drinking some beer and have some lunch.

    Because we all know all the english hardcore bad boy ultra hooligans are in england sipping some tea and watch the games at home and only peacefull familys and pensioners were coming to france.

    Compassion for england please.

  2. those Olympique Lyonnais fans are bunch of pussys who think they can do domething. Every time Olympique de Marseille fans come for the away match, they beat some lyonnais.

  3. These french cunts arn't exactly in the same league as the Russians so not surprised we're doing them over when we get attacked the Russians are a whole other messed up breed of hooligan

  4. Stop being stupid, "French are cowards" "British are violent" "Russians are brainless". They're not the french, they're not the british, either the russians. Their country is asshole-land, so stop name them by a nationality, it's just assholes vs assholes.


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