Euro 2016 Polish fans trouble with riot police in marseille before Ukraine Poland, Water Cannon, Tear Gas Used Against Poland Fans Supporter polonais polski …



  1. So, who makes a riot here? Polish fans or french, so called police? Better go and protect your women against muslims culturally enriching them.

  2. przyjdzie czas ze POLAKOW beda prosic o pomoc przed arabami to wtedy dostana to samo co teraz robili kibica

  3. To Jesus holy uneducated? Cmon we r more smart then u idiot I make more for uk for 12 years then u in all your life and please do research about polish people what they did for uk and shut up !

  4. Jesus holy I read your post looks like u didn't go a loot to school and u still living in council flat I have mortgage and u? With out poles in uk u not gonna get your benefits becos someone pay tax for u to stay at home and write stopid post in yt do u know London was bild and still is bild buy forens? Most of them r polish ? Do u know that? Do u even travel somewhere I mean some intresting place to learn coultur not "Ibiza"?

  5. Can't see any Polish fans fighting against police. On the contrary, it's the police being aggressive, provocative and doing harm to Polish citizens and visitors, who deserve proper hospitability, not sht like this. It's intolerable, Polish embassy should intervene, definitely!!

  6. Oczywiście jak psy kogoś na glebę rzuca to od razu, że gestapo. Tacy delikatni są ? Hehe. A tak w ogóle to tylko garstka bandziorow, bo reszta polskich kibiców zachowywała się pięknie na Euro. Lepiej nie popatrzą na rusawych albo angoli

  7. Btw.Is it France who always surrender first and betrade their "friends".Only one city in Poland-WARSAW-lost more people then France in whole 2 WW.Fuck all of you "western"Europe


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