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  1. co za debile a potem sie kurwa dziwia czemu klub ma starty i wogole wielkie oburzenie ze na mecz niechca ich wpuszczac jak zachowac sie nawet nie potrafia niezla wizytowka dla Calej Polskiej Pilki i Polakow MASAKRA

  2. The Spanish police normally have a decent reputation for dealing with foreign fans unlike the Roman police who are a disgrace and abuse their position by smashing their batons on fans heads and faces. If any top Russian or Polish firm try it on in the Olympic Stadium against Roma it would be a bloodbath!!!!

  3. damianie stochu spierdalaj. 10 huliganów z Legii to barbarzyńcy. 10 skorumpowanych po uszy top działaczy UEFA to drobny epizod bez finału… Legia jako jedyna krzyczy o tym na stadionach, o wypaczeniu idei sportu, dlatego jest karana za wszystko co możliwe! Real to największy sponsor tych złodziei bo najbogatszy. Kto tego nie rozumie, nic nie rozumie! Ty damianie tego nie rozumiesz, więc wnoszę jak na wstępie – spierdalaj!

  4. The business man with the cart. Keep working hard. I hope your doing well and making mad money. 500 losers ( police and rioters) one business man. Working you tell me what's wrong with this video. How can we grow our economy with this buffoonery.

  5. All you are son of the bitch. You are racist people so you are son of the bitch. You forget adolf hitler. Adolf was racist leader then he killed a lot of people and a lot of polish.

  6. Legia Hooligans wanted defy us writing shit against our team on the walls into our empty stadium the day before the match…
    The day after they received a warm welcome at airport and sent them few at hospital with smashed heads. I can wait to meet Legia Warsaw again!!
    Legia-Juve same shit, a history of thefts and abuses. NAPOLI RULE!!


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