Romania – Poland World Cup Qualification 11 11 2016 Some 100 Polish hooligans caused incidents in central Bucharest. According to local police, two groups …



  1. You know why all these hungarian nationalist wannabe nazi call us gypsy all the time ? Cuz in order to claim they were first in any territory of Europe, they need to make someone gypsy , why ? because of all peoples of Europe… only the gypsies came after the hungarians, another funny part is its possible even some gypsies came before them to some areas.
    I have to ask myself, why these fanatics keep claiming they are some kind of native of natives in Carpathians when even their language isnt similar to anything European ? What the fuck is this about in the end ? Read a book.
    In general im nice guy but…. you retards got no manners, there you go, you got served.

  2. In Romania aren't trained ultras like in Poland or Russia, but if you going to start the fight we going to finish it. We are not impressed by tattoos and steroids. Our arms might seem small in comparation with the polish, but our arms are worked with axe and showel you liitle inflated pumpinks

  3. Bardzo kumata banda wtedy pojechała do Rumunii. Ponoć wyjaśnić koalicji WRWE pewne rzeczy. Jak przyszło do akcji na stadionie z cyganami ledwie 2-3 chętnych do awantury a reszta obsrana w kominach stała…Duża porażka polskiej hooliganki…

  4. Ile to ekip napinało się, że jedzie do Rumunii dorwać koalicje WRWE…??? Koalicja zrezygnowała z wyjazdu. Reszta ekip pojechała. Jak doszło do bitki z Rumunami to ilu było chętnych 2 ??? SHAME POLAND !


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