Leicester City – Middlesbrough FC Trouble in the street 27 11 2016.



  1. What a group of fucking Pussies a whole lot of jumping around and shouting and not one punch thrown.fucking idiots .weak little men

  2. Just looks like a load of fucking cheap shots running up bon people who ain't looking and swiping them . Drunk pussys these so called football hooligans

  3. Hooligans ?????? I sern nursery kids have bigger fights both leicester n middlesbourgh are total shite fans

  4. Done Borough their own ground ..they are no good . Baby Squad by name and by nature …another useless bunch. BBC .

  5. Stop recording and getting people into trouble.want a row with likeminded people no bother keep your nut down.then some idiot films It and fucks everyone up.


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