West Ham Cardiff ICF VS Soul Crew 23/09/2003 Got the 10.30 from Paddington, getting into Cardiff just before 1pm. Met by Ridiculous amount of OB.



  1. Terrace Cult – You left out the bit where Cardiff lads got jail sentences of up to 4.5 years for this match. The reason Cardiff were 'nowhere to be seen' was because the lads were having murders with OB trying to get to you. But you crack on. The Springbok FFS. City Centre pub, safe as houses, we were NEVER getting a mob to you there. You've had more problems at Norwich? Probably because you're not afraid to go looking for it there. 250 turning up on a train is a "wrap us up" call to the law. Funnily enough, a few years later at West Ham…Cardiff were wandering around all bastard day in small numbers AND smashed you down Barking Rd and by that Church thing?… Thats how you have a row son

  2. Lad in white jacket fell over on his first swing then got knocked down then got another smack then ran off .If gunna fight get the basics right it’s a farce .


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