04/05 Leeds Cardiff CCTV and Leeds fans vs police after the game 15 01 2005 Trouble mars Leeds clash West Yorkshire Police officers sustained injuries …



  1. Can't imagine england ever seeing days like those again. People let the police get away with the abuse of power at football matches for so long it's just become accepted.

  2. Scum Leeds racist goons have got the art of retreating whilst trying to lookbutch into a cocked hat. I would personally behead the fat one with the arrow on his napper. .

  3. British News: "The police used tactics and manoeuvring to stop the hooligans, minor injuries were sustained".

    American news: "40 spectators and 10 cops were killed today and countless wounded".

  4. People need to stop saying this is boring n it’s cat and mouse, this isn’t the proper videos of Leeds service crew, the real Leeds service crew were the best hooligans abart💛💙

  5. we dance with old bill,we dance with old bill,we're leeds untied,we dance with old bill….lmfao!!!! Millwall,Pompey,west ham even boro would turn you over.


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