Old Firm Celtic – Rangers Riot at Hampden park 10 05 1980 The Glasgow derby is the most intense derby in Scotland, if not in Europe. After Celtic won this final, …



  1. just think the following week.. celtic fans bombed London with bombs made of tacks, nails and shreds of glass to maim children//c;etic are the equivalet of isis

  2. I do believe you talking shite in your description I was at the game & yes cans & bottles were thrown but there was in no way iron bars or staves branded inside hampden that afternoon that's not to say it didn't happen on the streets of Glasgow later that night I remember the buses getting took off the road & having to walk home to Royston decked out in green and white

  3. That poor wee boy crying with his dad trying to reassure him – made me upset. Imagine going to see your team and feeling incredible at the start and enjoying the craic. Then it all goes arse over tit because some arseholes decide to invade the pitch and start brawling. Even animals don’t do that pish. This is why I prefer going to see rugby at Murrayfield – if I’m driving 4 hours South to see blokes play with a ball, I’d rather go somewhere that’s awesome craic and I can sit right next to a supporter of the opposite team and enjoy it. Ireland – Scotland match in 2003 was my first and it was incredible. Never had such a great time before and now my kids are grown and go to see the rugby too. Football matches are ok but the craic can turn nasty and it’s not worth the aggro. Some blokes are just arseholes looking for a fight and they fuck up the day for others…they don’t give a shit that kids are there and can be scared shitless.

  4. I was at game I was 16yrs old was at celtic end with my pal billy Clark in the celtic end about halfway up I always remember people flying bottles behind us just missing celtic fans at the front it was a crazy day a lot of booze was involved back then and it was a hot day a great win for celtic ☘️

    Those were the good old days. You cant get away with that now
    CCTV Camera's everywhere BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION
    Smartphones Have the Fights away from the stadium miles away like the Europeans do

  6. After this event putting bad losers in their place,the nationalist population of Scotland call the shots. No-more 90 to 100% of the police being protestant bigots,no more rangers fans trying to dominate Scotland. Seems now a days education works.You Presbyterians can work on a conveyor belt in any factory you like,it'll be people like me and my ancestors from Ireland,who'll be paying your wages. hEireann abú


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