C1 AS ROMA – MANCHESTER United 04 04 2007 British fans clash with Rome police British football fans have been caught up in violent clashes with Italian …



  1. Modernity is nothing more than the uprising of an anti-blonde, mass-poisoning, violence-patronizing, warlord culture; from Russia and France and England to USA. That’s all it is: chemical weapon (hydrazines, phosphoruses, and pressor agents) wielding Southern European mafia genetically from locations near Africa (who would have guessed) inhibiting millions of people’s acetyl choline esterases across the entire planet and offensively attacking blonde haired eastern-looking ppl. All while mining out all the gold silver platinum and palladium from earth. The great roman horde is alive and well. Dam.

  2. Manc bastards got what they deserved. Think their the fuckin bee knees they do. Got shown up here . we went stadio olympico last season not a single incident. Dont fuck with the roma police lads all your gonna get is pain . ynwa

  3. this is not policing, but distrubing behaviour. No control, or settling trouble down, just behaving worse than the fans.

  4. Why people go to a event just to b hit by police and securities?!… Hooligans!.. Italy and England!…

  5. Roma never gonna have peace uk they going to get batterd every time we see them 🇬🇧🇧🇩

  6. roma whould of been brushing there teeth wtih shit if man u fans had got to them in the stadium.AND THATS A FACT

  7. Descent of Roman legionaire bye bye in Sorry english fans ahshshs, and lucky because Roma fans have knife and weapons


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