13/14 C3 Ajax Amsterdam – Celtic Glasgow 05 11 2013 Nine Ajax fans arrested after pub attack on Celtic supporters A group of Celtic fans were attacked by …



  1. I can't tell who are worst fans here lol…… The scum in green….. Or the ones that ran from them lol….. Ajax embarrassing

  2. Canny believe the manky mob even have the cheek to say they done any1!hahaha. Youse clearly got terrorised, as per 😂

  3. Ajax fans are total fannies the Celtic fans ran them all over the shop on there turf the little pussies

  4. Well done Ajax. Celtic are left wing Antifa scum who are pro Islamist too. Ajax smash them 🇮🇱

  5. Generally speaking I'd say Scotland won. BUT specifically speaking😒, I'd say the Celtic supporters made the Ajax supporters their BITCHES.

    Good job standing up to the cops 👮🔨

  6. First time I've heard or seen this of this. Anyone would think it's only the British are hooligans

  7. Ha,ha spurs just dumped ye out of champions league …………..Filthy Orange bastards………..

  8. Ajax are scum I was in Amsterdam that night With my Dad and his friend I was 15 , about 20 of them attacked 3 of us , they didn’t get the better of us though haha shitebags

  9. scum destroying the dam have respect ajax and rangers fan celtic are scum celtic perverts since 1994


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