12/13 C3 Dundee United – Dynamo Moscow Данди – Динамо The Utility vs Capitals firm 2 8 2012 Arrests after crowd violence at Dundee United Europa League …



  1. I was at this game. I witnessed the ugly scene from the safety of the George Fox stand directly opposite. It happened mere minutes into the match. The glory days of being in Europe. Now we are playing the likes of Morton and Dumbarton.

  2. So, let me get this straight. 2012/ 13 season. Three years before 2016 euros and 2018? LOLOLOL. Just scuffles. Saw more action at tannadice 1984 MUFC 🔴⚪️⚫️ Stretford Reds. We done all this shit forty years ago. Lean and mean. Most hoolies are sixty plus into their 70s now. Proper toe to toe then. Pussies now, too many banning orders, people reporting to bacon counters with passports if united or England away on the continent.

  3. Absolute shite. Not a single fight to be seen and nothing but posturing on both sides. Plus, the Russian guys were seriously disadvantaged being lower down. Waste of time

  4. Full of shit I can say for a fact my old man's mate was there and he and the steward said the Russians got a good hiding and they were the ones that cowarded out after they realised they got handled

  5. The media said Russians said we were kicking bottles of piss on to them, no chance. No way that happened. We're good fans Dinamo lads were good lads. Good casuals, good lads.

  6. It started when Baldy Thompson instructed the catering outlets to charge the Russians £13.50 for a pie!

  7. I remember back in 1986 a popular mod band called the Purple Hearts came to Dundee,they played the Marriot and there was at the very least 1500 mods we were having a great time until the utility wankers came and almost spoilt a great night,what man hits a wee mod lassie straight in the face,I will never as long as I live remember that incident..Yes the outnumbered casuals got the better of the mods that night but we didn't come to Dundee to fight and the Dundee police were fkn useless and very confrontational.My claim to fame was tripping one boy who went flat on his face…Haha here's me who cannie fight sleep but put a utility boy on the floor..A fantastic city tho…

  8. Looked to me like the stewards should get the credit–Dundee supporters singing encouragement from a distance?


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