Soccer is known worldwide for its passionate fans, and every soccer-mad country has its hooligans who get sloppy and start brawls. But in Russia, these …



  1. 4:18 he's right, though.
    French police also had AMPLE chances in the months preceding the 2016 Cup to train and get experience in handling large protesting violent crowds and they really didn't handle the foreign fans, especially the Russians properly. When you think about it, France has had no end of protests in the past several years, but that's a different topic.
    No major incidents in last year's world cup hosted by Russia, though. Their police works and works on less of a budget likely. Can you argue with cold hearted effectiveness? Not with a Russian…

  2. They beat up English to set up example that if u come to Russia to cause troubles u will be beat up and Russian hooligans will not cause any damage,that's why was nice and quiet there at WC

  3. ah yeah right. They are a bunch of fuckin pussies. I would love to see them try that shit over in the US against NFL Fans. I'm sure those Russians would get shot or stabbed.

  4. 1:00 i like the bald guy on the bottom. who comes over to help the other bald guy to trash one dude. three ellbows on the head. nice . i think these people really have found out what the meaning of life and the universe is

  5. I really have no idea why some people have a big problem because of this guys like to fight. It's like hobby, somebody play chess, somebody swim, they just fight. And if they fight between themselves this is not your fucking business.


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