Sevilla – Leicester Riot police charge leicester fans 22/02/2017 Credit @CallumThorm and @albertocostas Leicester fans ‚ambushed‘ by Spanish police who …



  1. Very well the Spanish police, has reminded them to set up parties in their country, in honor of the eliminations of champions haha

  2. bollocks bad losers there all support team.there never have fights in England good family team just because there English

  3. Why is it when there's trouble with English fans abroad it's covered worldwide. But when it's beskitas or Kiev or feyonoord or whoever no one gives a fuck. Try and find a European game where brit hooligans have kicked off in the stadium in the last 2-3 years even longer. There aren't many. Then look for other European teams. And all they get is a fine and minimal coverage. British police have literally wiped out our hooligans going abroad and do a bloody good job in the UK. But all these other countries are actually getting bigger and stronger real football firms but nobody bats an eyelid when they trash a European City but if it's English everyone goes mad. Double standards piss me off. These boys from Leicester are everyday lads not hooligans. Yeah some prob got gabby chucked a few bottles but most were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got embroiled strictly because of the aggressive and blanket police response. They didnt pick out the trouble makers like they do in the UK and send in snatch squads They just battered everyone they could get there hands on nondisciminnately. Not a good way to calm and already agitated crowd.

  4. Typical British they could go fucking anywhere on the planet and cause trouble. Fight, get drunk, litter and disrespect others. Thinking just cause your British you can do what you want lol not in Spain. Should be banned from going there for being disrespectful fucks

  5. As we see in Catalonia. Spanish police are scumbag thugs. Dressed in armour and batons so they can beat up football fans having a good time or women, children, students trying to vote. I live in Spain. Many of the blokes, police especially, have a macho inferiority complex so act aggressive against weaker people; they probably beat their wives too. Why do you think they kill bulls? To pretend they are big men. Yeah Spanish police will wack you for nothing. Especially if you are a football fan. The backwards people, especially the old in the south, love the police nazi force. They long to be ruled by a Franco dictator again. Peasants.

  6. Can someone please inform the brits if you are going to call Police wankers you deserve a punch in the face.

  7. English at their best. These fat, smally, low lives drunkyards keep going abroad, trashing the places and acting like a occupation army, but when they get their asses kicked they blame foreign police for being thugs. Scum of the earth the lot of them. They didn't make a peep in Russia a few years ago.


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