Hibernian – Hearts CSF and Rangers ICF vsHibs Baby Crew 29/06/2013 Royal Mile Brawl: Hibs casuals lured thugs to trap THE mass brawl which erupted on …



  1. The guy in the blue jumper can't fight. HaHa Hearts CSF getting done by the HIVS again? Where was your famous ICF ?????????? I don't see any midgets; so the ICF were in the orange cottage waiting for the order ??

  2. I'v seen 5 year old waines fight better.i seen one guy the knock a guy Doon and then booted him him in the heid.the rest was weak as fuck.stupid cunts.

  3. Fair play to the old hearts lot, coming up against lads half their age but still standing instead of running off, embarrassing for Hibs that done nothing bar kicking some old bastard in the face on the floor then they scattered when the rest of the hearts mob come over


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