Newcastle – Everton football fans clash in mass pub brawl 26/12/2015 This is the moment a pub brawl broke out after a Newcastle United match. Football …



  1. Love Everton, keep there heads down, no fuckin nonsense mouthin off, under the radar, but if it goes they'll scrap anyone

  2. soft geordie peados as usual all mouth and getting a slap boros firm allways done them up down the country boro are respected but no one ever mentions the soft cunt geordies even the mackems are harder (fact).

  3. evry 1 just takes the pissed out of the soft Ugley inbred geordies and their dirty aids ridden slags! ho evry knows are the easiest in uk (that's if you want std)lol

  4. de de de de de de orrrrrrrrrrrrr mane mane xxxxxxxxx love you bitters .youll never beat us again ..ya team is shite yer grounds a shithouse

  5. I've never been to another country like England where middle aged men are still fighting like they're 16 again. It's no surprise why other nations can't stand English people

  6. Everton getting ready with the weapons just in case it comes on top for them. Along with Boro and Chelsea it's almost guaranteed with them. They weren't so clever when they tried to ambush our bus at Kirkby one year. Lured us towards a pub full of them. They came out and got kicked to fuck. Didn't always go that way mind. Blades are for cunts. Everton carried in numbers. Nowt fucking hard about that man.

  7. What are they actually dancing to ? If it's the music from the video they are so out of step , if I was to guess I would say it was " I don't want him , you can have him , he's too fat for me "


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