FA CupTottenham – Millwall ambiance before the game 12/03/2017 Credit : @Slasherrrr.



  1. That guy putting his kid in that situation. Only child about the fucking turnip. Needs to sort that shit don't take ya kid on firm days out you mug! Well i say firm days out more like a set Muppets with smart phones and fake Cp on … Mugs

  2. What have they got to argue/fight about? That's what I've always been confused about. Even if their team's fault, the opposition's fans shouldn't have a problem with the other fans.

  3. That’s all they did all day Tottenham. We walked out at Tottenham Hale 500 handed to walk down the high street and see there lads hiding in betting offices then we turn up at their boozer to find them locked in filming us out the windows. In fascination with the famous Millwall. We walked around most of the afternoon to find rows of spurs lined out like a red carpet for us 🤣🤣🤣. Your club is fucked. Total embarrassment

  4. What an absolute pile of immature, uneducated morons – think of that poor kid being subject to that – everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves – non of you are Hard what you are is PATHETIC


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