C3 Final Chelsea FC – SL Benfica in Amsterdam Chelsea hooligans attack Benfica fans 15/05/2013 Three police officers were injured by flying glass and one …



  1. I respect English lads but I have to say that in those days They goes Wild like this only when they feel quite safe..

    Things are very different when the feel unconfortable or in danger, they generally turn in a mob of middle-age drunked fans with zero action.

  2. Is this still going on? For Christ's sake move on guys. This was all done in the 70s,80s and 90s. Do something constructive with your lives. We only get one chance.

  3. As amélias quando viram 4 barrigudos a correr na direcção deles pareciam coelhos a fugir… hehehehehehehehe!!! de qualquer forma ao minuto 1:26 grande o tipo do Chelsea que tirou o tipo do benfica fora da confusão. Se tivesse sido ao contrário as amélias teriam aproveitado para fazerem o típico 10 contra 1 e mandado o gajo para o hospital. Sem navalhas, very-lights, carros, pistolas e petardos as amélias valem zero no confronto físico!


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