Manchester city – Manchester United fans clash 02/11/2014 Up to ONE HUNDRED hooligans in violent street brawl following Manchester derby with some …



  1. Why did those people dressed in black with London accents all run away ? They always seem to run away when they come to Manchester the cowards. Perhaps they are embarrassed because their shit team aren't the champions…….that'll be City, the ones that didn't run away in this particular exchange.

  2. Coward hiding behind fence shouting 'go on get 'em' and 'munich' probably prays for forgiveness every time he takes off from Ringway to go to Benidorm for his annual prozzy shag.

  3. I was. In that brawl was In the pub all I could here is theree outside its goin off so I ran out to a city crowd. Of like 150 fans city fans next minute we were scrapping the guy on the floor got fucked up brave united fans was only 20 of them Tryna storm a pub full of blues


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