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  1. Man City were a hard firm in the late 80s I was with the yids for 2 years 86, 87. I remember Man City were game and would fight anyone.. No idea now left that behind 30 years ago!

  2. If only we could take all this violence and unite and direct it towards combatting ISIS or the Taliban. If they so tough and want to fight then can’t they all get on a plane and head out to flush out the terrorist camps in different places in the world. I mean stop fighting each other and fight the real baddies out there. Make it a competition for bragging rights. Which band or team of football hooligans can take out the most terrorist camps?!

  3. The art of being a fucken waster more like….Nobody gives a shit about these pathetic losers… Yous do nothing good for football so do us all a favour and fuck off back to your sad lives… Tis these sad lives they leave is why they hooley it up, nothing else going for them… Evolution skipped these lot😉

  4. "we get treated like scum bags and i don't no why" 5 mins later there throwing chairs across the high-street and smashing bottles over peoples heads. I mean i have come across some confused people in my life but they really do top the scale.

  5. These guys make Philly fans look like boy scouts. Would north american sports become THIS violent if they were popular worldwide? Makes me glad that they don´t fuck with our sports tbh

  6. Twats… The lot of them. Just go down to the local boxing club. Do it properly. They expect the NHS to patch them up when things go wrong.


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