Where are the greek hooligans? Bosnia vs Greece 10.6.2017 HD by Balkan Ultras Channel Where are the greek hooligans? The ones that thretened they will …



  1. Παναθηναϊκοι, Ολυμπιακοί, Παοκτζήδες, Αεκτζήδες όλες οι ομάδες όταν παίζει η Ελλάδα είμαστε μαζί ΓΑΜΙΣΤΕ ΤΟΥΣ ΒΟΣΝΙΟΥΣ

  2. εμεις φταιμε που εχουμε ολους τους κατσαπλιαδες στην ομαδα για παικτες και τα τελευταια χρονια κατιι βοσνιες και λιχτενσταιν μας γλεντανε….

  3. Bastards Bosnia hools listen me : we have 6 teams in Greece with a lot of fans .Olympiakos has 7.000 hools, Paok has 5.000 ,Aek has 6.000 ,AEL LARISA has 2.500 ,Aris salonica has 5.000.Panathinaikoshas 7.000 ,Iraclis has 1.000 hols but all of me don't follow the national team ..We support only our clubs. IF we come for once time in national team ..we will easily fuck all of you .

  4. Praise Allah that this was the national team playing otherwise you would have seen greek hooligans and this would mean at least five of your guys would be stabbed to death


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