Liverpool – Everton trouble before the game 01/04/2017.



  1. Yes i agree wtf was that? Maybe it was a row over who was going to buy the first pint. Filmed on atolen camera

  2. Really enjoyed this video, I am an Everton supporter living abroad and got to experience the build up to game, the atmosphere,lots of little things regular visitors to Goodison take for granted, thanks for sharing,made my day.

  3. So who were the better dancers and bigger mouths here then 🙄 I despair for the soppy spoilt youth of today. Fighting was a common everyday occurrence for me and most working class men of my generations in this country and football day anywhere in the country was the main priority for many of us 👊🏻….siiigh god I miss those days lol CFC

  4. I never realised Everton
    Got up to so much
    Giving Millwall a.slap up
    The lips
    Certainly made the the
    Toffees front page !

  5. Needs to learn how to film why keep moving the phone about. Dont focus on anything moves whole time


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