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  1. Super Dragons are not ultras, they are legal, they are ultras because they are paid to do this.
    Super Dragons' mentality is not an Ultra's mentality

  2. Funny how the Benfica Ultras don't mention that their current president is the biggest cocaine dealer in Portugal, owes almost 1 billion Euros to the banks that were bailed out by the public including a 326m euro loan from a bank that was bailed out 1 week later. Portos President was tried and found NOT GUILTY thats why he did not go to jail so its not true that he was convicted of corruption unlike Benficas President who is a convicted thief. He was a member of Benfica, Sporting and FC Porto while president of Alverca whom he bankrupted just before moving to Benfica. He made his money smuggling cocaine in tyres and is also under investigation for bribing a judge. They have moles in the police force tracking all investigations into the email leaks exposing much of the corruption they are involved in… They have senior board members in prison at this very moment yet every time the club get away without any punishment while a scapegoat takes the fall. They have copies of the Portuguese Federation Presidents text messages along with information such as the passcode to his security gate. Lovers photographs and along with other personal information on referees. Benficas firms are not legalized but not so clandestinely receive tickets, free coaches, a location on club grounds to cache their illegal weapons including firearms and many more. There is a law prohibiting this but as politicians are too afraid to do anything nothing is enforced on Benfica as they are the most popular club and if their supporters turn an election can be lost.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg and all easily verified… now for all the insults and hate speech in reply to this message as their supporters have no argument against facts!

  3. Of course porto fans have not repression because they are legal fans , they cant be called ultras! But benfica and braga fans have a lot of repression because they remain illegal fighting again the stupid sistem…


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