Brawl breaks out after Middlesbrough v Sheffield United 12/08/2017 Children as young as 10 were injured after a brawl broke out between more than 200 …



  1. Just another day in the North east, no bombs, no stabbings either ! just a few loose teeth and fat lips and maybe the odd black eye.

  2. Trouble started in the ground after there goal was not given there where kids and women injured in this if Sheffield utd wanted it y didn't there meet the boro near the bridge always fight where kids and older People r not on utd scumbags UTB

  3. SHEFF UTD got be the worst bunch of cunts going. Breaking past 3 stewards and fronting shirters on the way back to their cars while drawing all police attention on yourselfs…. Clearly don't want it

  4. Boro aeemed ao loud and cocky inaide the ground yet fucked off when the out numbered blades left the stadium looking for them? Where were all those lads mouthing off during the game asking for it? Why didnt they wait outside to meet the blades and settle the score

  5. spoke to the boro lads and they admit they got done…….but all the main lads were in town…still, the young bbc ran em outside.


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