C1 AS Roma – Chelsea FC fans pub attacked 30/10/2017 Group of hardcore AS Roma ultras attack Chelsea fans in Irish pub. Several fans of Chelsea football …



  1. To be fair , it ain’t hard to have them c18 Chelsea mugs on the run these days. Even Bournemouth put it on them on Saturday. And typical C18 when and stood with the old bill. Lol. Lol. THE HERD FEEL SORRY FOR YOU , AFC…… EIE.

  2. Chelsea and Rangers ICF? Sounds like it. Fair play boys. Takes some bollocks to have straighteners with those tooled up cunts.

  3. C 18 were a small group from yesteryear. The headhunters and c18 were always infighting and thats all dead now. Anyway back to the present this video should be labelled bunch of bald middle aged men shouting profanities whilat one holds a chair above his head. The end


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