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  1. Im so jealous you guys get all this diversity and enrichment..all I have is boring peaceful neighborhood with no risk of harm when I go to the store

  2. Belgium is dying, Islam has already overtaken it, R.I.P., please don't influence other countries with your sick political correctness

  3. I have no Sympathy for western Europe. Is all gone. It is Islam now and Islam is my enemy so now western Europ is now my enemy.

  4. Police need to address this better fire trap nets bring officers in from the back and trap these people the deal with them the way the Russian police would

  5. All well. It is always when people believes in bullshit like everybody's equal. People are not equal. Never was and never will be. Europe was Europe just because it's built buy white people. Africa was Africa just because of a black people. It is simple as that. And if you will try to mix it up. That is what you have. Stop lying to yourself. Or you will lost your countries in no time


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