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  1. No me gusta que se guarden la violencia, a ver tampoco quiero que salga herido alguien pero me gustaria que contraatacaran a veces porque yo los veo retrocediendo cuando tendrian que mantener la posicion. Y ellos no hacen nada mientras que los manifestantes les tiran piedras y van con palos y con bastante violencia.

  2. Mira : ORGULLO ESPANOL !! – Somos un mundo y no un pais y me da asco la gente k solo les guste su propio pais y nada mas , el mundo es mas grando , no solo t fijes en tu propio PAIS

  3. Poles are one of the dumbest people of Europa, besides Belgium people cause they are really retarded. Everyone knows not to fuck with 175 and only 80kg testosterone Pablo's who will skull fuck you

  4. Just for the people commenting I love that police. I am from England and I live in Spain and the Spanish police are the most abusive baldy trained police that exist you have no protection against them by law. You can't film them you can't ask them questions and they can do what ever the fuck they want. So think twice.

  5. Look more than half of the police in Spain I have encountered r good ppl (I live in Spain 8yrs) but I have met police that r a bully's liars corrupt and have tried to arrest me cause I have a cam in my car and he was tryin to say some bs about me "speeding" when I wasn't. But back to the point if u look at the vids closely tho police r hittin ppl who r just innocent and r tryin to get out of the way so… They r jus bully's

  6. never mess with the riot police
    if you are respectful you will never get
    but if you are rude they gonna feed you some knifestick on you
    that is all and good bey


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