Lincoln City – Grimsby Town 18/03/2018 Credit Brfc.



  1. Oh dear…I'm not a fighter but reckon even I could have thrown some harder punches…shitebag the lot 🤣

  2. Im from lincoln unfortunatly some people let football down little people tryin to fill old shoes the doors swing both ways people say always forigners or coloured on tv programmes nicking cars ect or involved in gang crime yet every football hooligan is white

  3. Wait all season to meet a mob face to face with no police. 99 percent of firms never get this over the course of a few season. But these guys do. Spitting distance. And they stand shutting cmon cmon and dance around like bunnies. Big bunch of shitbags

  4. If lincoln got anything about em, they will admit when we (cambs) run them up the road afterbreaking out the ground at half time, they were pathetic. Once we let the flares go they didnt wanna know and when they come our place, ask them about the ladswhohid in the Isaac Newton while we stormed it, getting the doors locked coz they didn want out. Pathetic

  5. All that to walk down the street together 😂 no beat the Glasgow rangers best fans in the world no surrender 💙✋⚔️🛡

  6. Fucking get into each other boys!! Embarrassing! Your clobber game is even worse than your fighting ability. Shit.

  7. Pathetic right people you want it proper watch the Greek cup final between P A O K v AEK on youtube you English lads can get some pointerd

  8. Good to see Viking traditions are still acted out, emphasis on acted, on the streets of Lincolnshire. Should have formed two shield walls.

  9. hahahaha! When I thought it couldn't get any worse. The guys who stood there with the hands in their pocket doing nothing, all of the sudden got balls when their mates came. All noise, no balls


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