Magnificent chant by San Lorenzo, this is pure passion! Thank you MusiCuervo for the video material, you can subscribe him: …



  1. I was at Buenos Aires couple months ago and first question was where is San Lorenzo shop.
    So cab driver took me to as I remember Florida,and bought 2 shirts and cap. But funny thing that people in that shop are not S.L fans. Anyway respect brothers. Nice people and nice place! So my dream is to see at least one game of S.L!!!

  2. 🎵Oooooooooo San Lorenzoooo

    🎵Oooooooooo San Lorenzoooo

    Dicen que estamos todos de la cabeza, pero a San Lorenzo no le interesa, Tomamos vino puro de damjuana, y nos fumamos toda la marjhuana

    🎵Oooooooooo San Lorenzo

    🎵Oooooooooo San Lorenzo💙❤️


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