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  1. Not supporting any of those 2 teams but 1 OSIJEK FAN GOT stabbed. Enough said, you guys are not normal. The away-squad (literally 100 people from croatia & 100 croats from Irland) will always be looking for trouble, it doesnt matter if its a club from Croatia, Poland, Switzerland, Nigeria or fucking Kongo. You have to organise (if you want to have those away-fans in your European games) really properly. It takes intelligence, structure and money&time effort to handle those events.

    As i said, I dont support any of those teams, but you need to avoid city-clashes between firms like this in the middle of your city.

    Greetings from a Croat… Dont judge everyone by looking at a video of some drunk young group of people, without any future, on alcohol, bad cocain and speed….

    Europe hold together man! what the fuck

  2. Ask Kevin Maguire of the Tall Cranes bar on Craigton Road and Peter Dickson from Easterhouse about how this was set up, only to lead to the Osijek cowards being run!


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