Les hooligans français attaquent les supporters serbes alors qu’ils étaient assis tranquillement. Leur seule erreur c’était d’avoir des écharpes d’étoile rouge.



  1. Pathetic FR retards, cockolded by niggas and arabs, anglo slaves on demand, beaten by Russians, trying to restore their man pride (if there is any) with small group of Serbs. Go choke yourself with nigga´s or anglo´s cock you pathetic crying frogeaters.

  2. He talks about "pussy" because they drink a drink in a pub but your Serb hooligans killed a French (normal supporter of Bordeaux) in Serbia in 2009 who did nothing of wrong
    Today, you cry when it's the same thing chosen in paris, at least they're not dead #Hypocrisy

  3. Le collectif ultra paris se croit malin d’attaquer des supp serbes lambdas avec leurs meufs tout cela pour ne pas avoir supporter prendre une branlée par les karsud avant de les balancer! N’aller pas à Belgrade et faites gaffe dans les rues de Panames car les anciens du kob+serbes+karsud ça fait beaucoup de monde à votre fion de salope! Vous avez déjà tué Yann en le lynchant à 20 contre 1, « dans le monde des salopes, vous êtes les reines »

  4. What a coward cunts these psg pussies are attacking regular scarfers fans hiding their faces and using bats,makes me sick to my stomach.Dare you come to Glasgow coward bastards.Respect to Red Star Belgrade fans from Rangers FC fan.I know your top Belgrade lads were banned from organized travel to Paris and Liverpool.Make this psg pussies "nice" welcome.I think they don`t have balls to come to Belgrade.No Surrender!!!

  5. Muslims attacks to peaceful fans that enjoys their coffee…I think you are not even going to Serbia…Your country is a piece of arab and niggas that fucking your life and you enjoy it.Kosovo is Serbia,Macedonia is Greek

  6. Aaaaa les gars il faut pas aller a belgrad ca va vous coûter beaucoup 😉
    Jebi te ih u beogradu ako budu smeli uopste doci 💪🏼🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  7. Tokom celog dana u tom kaficu je bilo 50tak delija, pre utakmice bar 150 ako ne i vise kada se bas dosta zvezdasa okupilo,pre ulaska na utakmicu. Gde su tada bili arapi,ovo je sramota,30 ljudi u kaficu gleda 2 kretena koji biju ljude,.Prelepo gostovanje gde smo opet pokazali da zvezda pomera granice i rusi sve zakone i zabrane…svi u napulj!

  8. For serbian guy who talk about this vidéo and say they attack normaly fan , do you remember en 2009 when you kill sauvagely a french supporter. You were 30 and they were 3 french , you kill one or them. So you are Pussy to

  9. 2mn15 insigne du PSG m'étonne pas de les fouteur de merde pauvre serbe tranquille dans un bar entrain de s'amusé cette bande racaille sans cervelle les attaque….. voila pk les Cop de Boulogne et et Auteuille sont fermé bien fait pour eux

  10. I'm french and supporter from Lyon. I don't know who were those sons of bitches because actually psg has no more ultras but a bunch of pussies. But KOB was the real hooligan group of psg and they stopped in 2010. Btw their political ideas are quite similar to Red star Belgrade. So I don't know who they were but not actual supporters from psg because they are cowards.


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