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  1. Dutch friends, as a fellow portuguese I'm ashamed by our police but please don't assume this happens in all of my country, this kinds of things only happen with benfica, they have the police and our national goverment protecting them. No one likes them here and now they're showing their true colors in international matches.

    We call them the "octopus" since benfica controls almost everything in Portugal. They control the referee system, they control the VAR, they cheat every week, they lie, they're vile and disgusting, they're the only ones whos fans killed others including attacking Porto's hockey team and sending one to a coma few years ago, but they have the media and newspapers covering their tracks and saying only Porto or Sporting fans due the bad shit they do. In fact , in the portuguese news they all said it was the dutch who attacked inocent benfica fans in lisbon lmao. Few weeks ago a couple of Porto fans took a selfie in front of a store that sells benfica merchandise and the police came down on them like they were terrorists, also the portuguese football federation sanctioned Porto with a fine because of this LMFAO, meanwhile benfica fans destroy everythiing everywhere they go and the national goverment doesn't do anything , they turn a blind eye and dismiss it right away. fuck them and fuck the police for continuing to suck on benfica's dick.


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