Este video es el resumen de la entrevista que en la Revista Panenka #82 le hicimos a Cass Pennant. En una época convulsa y un entorno hostil, un joven …



  1. Menudo pedazo de mierda. Y le hacen entrevistas…y subnormales le jalean. Sois unos putos subnormales todos y deberían meteros un tiro en la cabeza a todos. Mongolos.

  2. Cass generation made a path for all colours to walk with out being racially beaten was hard times being black and Indians so now in 2019 should be no racism any more live together and football reunites each other like he said felt belonging fist 🤜 to fist 👊🏾 was no shooting and stabbings had a 👊🏾 fist up and that was it

  3. remember they came up leeds he was a hard nut i am a big lump it took me 4 or 5 good punches before he went down he hadthis real ugly cunt with him with a funny eye my mate buried the timberlands into his napper great days cass remembers it well the film when the ICF came up and wrecked leeds bullshit never happened they wouldn't come out the buses we had the young uns with black widow caties picking them off though the bus windows carnage they really lived upto their name inside with claret all over the gaff

  4. I remember you cass, i was on route to carrow rd and you and your mob were walking into Norwich city centre, a couple of your mob stepped out to attack and you stopped them. I remember what you said, "he didn't hide his scarf so leave him" that was 40years ago; anyway cass , cheers for that but, i would have done you all good style.🤕🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  5. Cass you will always go down, as a west true legend, ive seen the film, which is quality, as a west ham fan, from the bottom of my heart i wish you happiness and success in your future life, long live the hammers

  6. Such a sad story to tell, abandoned by his mother and raised by his white foster parents in a place where he was the only black face. No wonder why he ended up in a life full of violence The ICF was no joke, always up for a row with liked minded indivisuals .

  7. great vlog
    respect cass as i know you are TELLING THE TRUTH
    aston villa ! the villa c-crew
    just one set of lads from villa
    i know you respect the day we gave your lads a real hard time cass
    DANNY AND YOU WAS AT IT nearly all day as they say
    Great you had our top man in your film
    I think that says it all
    regards mark
    as you know

  8. I remember circa 68 when i was a 12 yr old chelsea fan going to west ham for the first time…think chelsea tried out the northbank and ended up in the southbank…in the southbank chelsea and spam fans were face to face with just a smattering of cops…one chelsea dude arms crossed stared you out…you face on to him stared him out…you both had it off one on one while both groups watched…. dont remember much else of the day


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