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  1. There is actually a personal story. The rivalry between persija Jakarta and persib Bandung (two big cities, one is the capital, the other a province capital) actually extended beyond the city territory. My friend wore a persija scarf in a little town named kuningan, miles from both city. A persib supporter appears, with a very fast motorcycle, and throw some rocks to my friend. And said "fuck you! Give that scarf you ugly dog!". And my friends have nothing to do, because that very scary, but give them his scarf. After that, immediately, they soak the scarf in a gasoline.. and burn it. Right there. In the middle of the road. Like a madman. This is happening 10 years ago and still make me ask… What the fuck? Well.. that's Indonesia Ultras for u.

  2. Indonesia tak patut dlm list supporters pn sbb supporters indonesia ni monyet2 perusuh..indonesia patut jd juara negara paling fanatik bolasepak ddunia..smpai bakar2 tngh padang bola..sbb bola smpai brbunuh2 trutama pyokong persija n persib..blom lg rosakkn harta pyokong lain trmasuk dbukit jalil pyokong2 monyet indonesia ni merusuh n mulakan provokasi..ak dstadium bukit jalil rakam n lihat sndiri pyokong monyet dr indonesia ni dah la dtg negara org sbg tetamu tp kurg ajar mulakan provokasi lempar flare..merusuh dpn bukit jalil soal pssi padahal pssi d jakarta..apa ke bodoh n gilanya monyet2 indonesia..oh ya..monyet mana ada akal..blom lg bila jd tuan rumah tak beradab smpai satu2nya d asia tenggara yg mmaksa pyokong n pmain lawan utk naik barracuda..mcm2 lg mmg dahsyat btul fanatik monyet2 indonesia dgn bola smpai brbunuh walau sesama pyokong indonesia..smoga indonesia makin mundur bila monyet2 mcm ni masih wujud..myusahkn smua org..

  3. Satu benda yg aku respect kat warga indonesia ni ialah ultras kelab mereka,dahsyat betul tapi bila datang skuad indonesia main nmpk mcm takde kerjasama antara ultras pelik jgk😅 ke memang ade dendam antara ultras kelab? Yg malaysia berbeza pula,ultras kelab suam2 suku time datang skuad malaysia main fuh ultras malaya bkn main padu🤣

  4. Semua juga tau kok tetangga sebelah kayak mana
    Masak cuma bisa jiplak lagu kita 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Udah negara give away,suka jiplak
    Aduuuuuhh maling kok teriak maling……..malu brooooo

  5. 5:10


    Let me explane what’s going on here

    During that time, The Malaysian Ultras(Ultras Malaya) were fed up with the Federation Association of Malaysia(FAM) for putting Malaysia into the top 160+ in FIFA world Ranking

    They called it 30 years of Hell because of the actions of FAM, They decides to protest for 30 Minutes in a football match against Saudi and the Philippines

    The lyrics of that song in english sounds more like this

    FAM Bastards!
    We’re coming you FAM Bastards! 2X
    We came from Malawati
    One Soul, One Malaysia


    After a few years past, A new FAM leader TMJ, which is the Prince of Johor, He fired all the corrupted people from office and finally making Malaysia stand on its feet again, His Career was short lived but He change football for Malaysia, after that, Coach
    Tan Cheng Hoe took charge of the Tigers and he’s doing pretty good at his job

    Thailand 2-1
    Indonesia 3-2 2-0
    Vietnam is still unbeatable in SouthEast ASIA as they didn’t suffer a single defeat this year

    They might have us in the half not gonna lie, We’ll beat you At our Stadium like what happened to Thailand

    Malaysia has rose 4 ranks since its previous rank

    From 158 to 154 this year
    I’ll keep updating, please comment so I can update the next game, Please don’t be rude here, Youtube have Guidelines


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