yo boy clive Cobain DOING Another reaction video to Australian rap/drill with my friend K-way datway. If you enjoyed the video and want more please subscribe …



  1. bra hes called Hooligan hefs, got his name from 'Green street hooligans'. The beginning of his song he comes out of the back of the truck like when GSE did that ambush in the movie…

  2. Hooligan Kefs I mean Hefs is Samoan Chinese but reps his Samoan side more. Yeah that Gabba dance came from Netherlands underground techno scene a lot of the lads down under light it up at raves but the Mounty Bop still looks better lol Got that Rick Flair intro feels to it.

  3. that dance is known in Australia, as hakken. it's for ravers and hardstyle music back in the early 2000s and still around today. a lot of these crims are called eshays and this is their style. no contradiction.

  4. That dance looks sick still these ausies got there own ting popping. Plus u 2 aint hood so idk why dem man even tryna comment bowt man not seeming on crud

  5. We came and we conquered, they praying to poppa
    They claiming they want to, they really don't want to
    You ain't maiming a monster so don't bother with offers
    Till the day that I die, I ain't stepping aside for one of you鈥

    Hilltop hoods-rattling the keys to the kingdom 鉂わ笍馃幎


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