Several sound grenades go off at the first-ever Gay Pride parade held in the eastern Polish city of Bialystok. The march was marred by violence from gay rights …



  1. This country is backward and mind controlled by religion. Homophobia is rampant. They are godless thugs attacking peaceful innocent people. They are ignorant fools.

  2. As a Pole living in the US and keen observer of things happening in Poland here are my comments. Before Bialystok there were more than a dozen parades in different cities with a hard to hide common theme to provoke a reaction. How else can you explain a vagina on a stick mocking a Catholic procession? Also, in Czestochowa the parade purposefully chose the route by the Klasztor Swieta Gora considered a special place for faithful while the parade ignored more appropriate for the demonstration the main square of the town. LGBT failed in all their previous attempts to stir a violent reaction but finally succeeded in Bialystok. Even so, most of what you can read in the media is greatly exaggerated and twisted. And by the way, it's all part of political maneuvering before upcoming elections.

  3. So much stupidity in Poland. No wonder they are poorer than Western Europe. They are obviously very dumb people. Education system must be stuck in the communist era. Eastern Europe, it will take decades of education to get rid of the Russian influenced ignorance. Until then, keep on discriminating against your own citizens, stay poor, you deserve it.

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  5. Świat już na początku określił prawidłowość związku i nic w tej kwestii się nie zmieni. Takie marsze to żadna "duma" ,a jedynie pomyłka. Pogarszacie swoja sytuacje ,nic po za tym.

  6. The problem is the LGBT+ community wants more than equal rights..
    They behave very agressivly mainly towards catholic church and there is view assaults on clergy, one of them died but probably you have not heard about it..

  7. Deport those fascists to the middle east if they want to be throwing stones to gay people. They will fit in nicely . They can then also experience gay love from a sex hungry Jihadi fighter and change their perspective. Vile human beings


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